Shesnew Caught In the Act

Sexy Katie sitting comfortably relaxed on a mattress reading a magazine. You can see her sexy legs, and she probably have no panties. Her boobies are enough appetizer for the eyes.

Not really sure what she is reading about because she suddenly touches herself. Her cunt must be awfully hungry and itchy and the magazine only added fuel to the fire inside her.

Oh, so it is an erotic magazine, all right. Katie couldn’t help herself but feel really horny and needy! You’ll want to help relieve her problem by making her feel good with your cock inside her.

What’s so hot about that is Katie tasting the fresh sticky juice coming out of her pussy. She loves doing that and it definitely shows. If this is what she’ always doing when alone I’d watch and jerk off.

So what you gonna do if Katie’s right in front of you doing slutty things to herself? You’d pounce her right away, of course… and very much naked with a very hard cock to poke her.

Katie Cummings Early Amateur Video

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