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Busty Katie looks smashing in her swimsuit. Her awesome tits are so big you yould want to bury your dick in the tiny space in between them. She’s just awfully hot and ready to bang.

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Sexy Katie sitting comfortably relaxed on a mattress reading a magazine. You can see her sexy legs, and she probably have no panties. Her boobies are enough appetizer for the eyes.

Not really sure what she is reading about because she suddenly touches herself. Her cunt must be awfully hungry and itchy and the magazine only added fuel to the fire inside her.

Oh, so it is an erotic magazine, all right. Katie couldn’t help herself but feel really horny and needy! You’ll want to help relieve her problem by making her feel good with your cock inside her.

What’s so hot about that is Katie tasting the fresh sticky juice coming out of her pussy. She loves doing that and it definitely shows. If this is what she’ always doing when alone I’d watch and jerk off.

So what you gonna do if Katie’s right in front of you doing slutty things to herself? You’d pounce her right away, of course… and very much naked with a very hard cock to poke her.

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Your ex may be gorgeous but not as hot gorgeous as Katie – nice hair, large but beautiful eyes, and she has big bouncy boobs you’d like to fuck in and out.

She’s really cute in that girl-like pose. Pouty mouth and her sexy cleavage showing. Katie’s puckers are severely sexy and attractive you’d interpret them as wantint to kiss you down there.


Playful Katie is letting us drool over her yummy tit. It’s so large that the nipple sticks out like a tiny pink candy. More of her tit-teasing in the next few posts.

That is our Katie giving us her surprised look when she receives a series of cumshots after a heavy duty blowjob. Her berasts are poised for that yummy stuff and she is ready.

That’s how she actually looks like after a long steamy sex. Her sexy chest has bits of cum on them and you can tell she already swallowed most of it. Pretty nice, still.

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Here we have Katie talking to the shop manager or whatever maybe asking for stuff she’s looking for. Typical day at the store but I have a feeling that extraordinary things are gonna happen real soon with these two.

The guy at the shop checks out Katie’s shapely butt while she’s looking for something else. He’s making quick estimates on how far his cock is going to go up her ass and pussy.

Katie’s slutty side emerges! Pulled her pants down for randy shop dude so he can see her scrumptious ass. Her seductive movements are sure to work, you will see what happens next.

So she took off her clothing except for her bra and thong. That guy looks a little reluctant but his stare is still fixed on Katie’s voluptuous body and her juicy round butt.

Slutty Latina Katie entices horny guy by stroking his big cock! That’s exactly what she’s looking for. Generosity comes by when you have a really sexy body and the shop manager isn’t short of it.

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That is our sporty and sexy Katie. She is too hot on an equally hot day for rollerblading. The outfit definitely accentuates her curvaceous body… a good sighting for an awesome summer day if you’re into big butts.

Katie’s among the well-endowed females and she is proudly showing them off to us. Though pierced nipples are a no-no to many men that is just ok because it’s the rounded yummy flesh that matters most to our dicks.

You’ll be glad that Katie isn’t a skinny chick. Her body fat are evenly distributed most especially in her boobs and butt. Come toy with her soft and squeezable tits and the ass is just perfect for some cock slappin’.

She is so poised for some great sex. Katie on her knees with bulging tits is your perfect couch partner. She’ll bounce on your cock dogstyle and hear her moan and scream for more.

So now she is lying on her side, and naked dude gently pulls out her string bikini. Seems he is quite pleases with the half-gaping flesh before him and it’s time for one lengthy fuck.

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Katie Cummings Stats:

  • Birthday: December 3
  • Home: Miami
  • Measurements: 34DD-29-36
  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Haircolor: brown
  • Ethicity: Latin
  • Tatoos: Foot
  • Piercings: Right nipple; navel

Katie Cummings was only 21 years old when she started shooting adult movies. Born on 12-3-1987, Katie’s stunning looks are a bit similar to the popular Hollywood actress Denise Richards. Miss Cummings is often casted in Latina-themed adult films because of her huge pair of tits and an equally large ass – both of which physical traits associated to Hispanic women. Katie’s charming personality and smashing looks make her a favorite and since she is quite well-endowed on both accounts, Katie’s porn films are a success and are mostly attributed to her Latina features.

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Curly Katie in fishnets… she is one fucking sex fantasy of the many men whose dicks are always starving for someone like her. Katie is so damn good in seducing and she’ll guarantee you that it’ll be worth of a ride.

She can’t quit posing here and there but man her lovely body only intensifies the pain building up in my nether regions. Her sexy flawless back needs my jizz and I’ll massage her with it.

No matter how Katie tries to hide her mouth-watering boobies there is just no fucking way she can conceal them. They are too fucking big and they need to be fucked mercilessly.

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